Plain rice

There are many different varieties of plain rice or Khao Jaw in Thailand: white, red, brown, black.

Jasmine rice is the most produced variety in Thailand. Rice is the staple grain of Thai cuisine. It is the most important part of any meal in Thailand. The Thai word for rice and food is the same, Khao. Plain rice we boil in water. You can boil rice in a saucepan on the stove, or you can use a rice cooker, which makes it very easy to cook. Rice is accompanied with curries, stir fries or other side dishes. Another common dish is Khao Pad: fried rice mixed with egg and vegetables.

Sticky rice

Another popular variety of rice is called Khao Neow (white or black) which is sticky rice or glutinous rice. This kind of rice has a sticky texture caused by starch present in the rice. The way of cooking is completely different than for plain rice. We soak the rice overnight and steam instead of boil. Sticky rice is eaten by hands and dipped in curries or sauces. It is mostly eaten in the Northern and Northeastern part of Thailand. A famous dessert is Mango with sticky rice.