To make a reservation you can fill out the booking form on our website. We check our emails regularly, but if you haven’t heard back from us within 24 hours, you can better resend your reservation.

We require a deposit payment in advance, at the moment you can either pay your deposit via PayPal or if you have a Thai bank account via a bank transfer. We also have an office in town where we take cash and you can select your menu in advance. But it is best to check our opening hours in advance via email.

For many years we have allowed our guests to pay on the day of the cooking course. Unfortunately, lately many people book a class and simply do not show up (even when they have confirmed by email the evening before). As we need to organize for every person who books a class, we need to be 100% sure of your attendance. In high season our class is often fully booked and we need to reject reservations from people who really would like to do a course. When the next day a few guests do not show up, we feel sorry for the ones who have tried to book the day before, but couldn’t because the class was full. No-shows also delay our pick up times in the morning.

If you would like to change the date or if you would like to cancel your reservation, you should inform us at least 24 hours in advance in order to get a refund. Since your cooking class involves a lot of preparation in advance we can not allow to change the date for you less than 24 hours in advance due to sickness, error in your booking date, delayed arrival or any other reason.

If you have booked a train/bus for 0600 pm or later  (in Full Day class ) or for 4.30 pm or later (in Half Day Morning class) it should be ok as we get back to the city center from the Full Day class between 4 – 4.30 PM and from the Half Day Class between 2 – 2.30 PM. It will give you time to travel from your hotel to the bus/trainstation. If you have not informed us you need to catch a train/bus in the evening, we can not guarantee you to get there on time.

 Trains are often delayed in Thailand. We do not recommend to schedule a cooking course on the same day as your arrival because there is no guarantee you will get to Chiang Mai on time.

We do not pick up/ drop off at the airport as the airport is out of the city center.

It is 1500THB per person for a full day class and 1200THB per person for a half day morning/evening class. The price includes everything, there is nothing you need to pay extra for. Our price includes transportation, recipe book, ingredients.

You can book for one or two days courses. The itinerary per day is the same ( market-farm-cooking ) but you will choose different dishes of the menu. If you want, you can book for one day first, and let us know on this day if you would like to come for a second day.

Yes, it is better to book in advance to make sure we have availability. Actually you can book the same morning, but you might get disappointed when the class is fully booked already.

If you are staying in or close to the old city area, we will pick you up at the hotel between 08.00 am to 08.30 am. We ask our guests to be ready at 08.00 am at the lobby of the hotel, we will get there before 08.30 am.

If you are staying further outside of the old city area, we will need to check if it is possible to pick you up at the hotel. If it is not possible, you  can either meet us at our office at 07.45 am or at Ruamchook market ( in front of 7 Eleven ) at 08.30 am.

If you have booked an Evening class, pick up time is between 03.00-3.30PM, but you need to be ready waiting for us at 3 PM.

When making a reservation, we will let you know if pick up is possible or not.

Our farm is in Sansai – Mae Jo, about 17 kms from Chiang Mai city center. It takes about 30-40 minutes driving, but on the way we will stop at the market. You can look on Google Earth, at 18ฐ53’58.33″ N  99ฐ04’33.67″ E


Unlike many of the other cooking schools, we do not visit the crowded  Somphet city market. We are going to Ruamchook market. Ruamchook market is at the Meechook intersection on Highway 1001 on the way to Mae Jo- Phrao. It is a very large, clean market. At the market we will give you explanations about the different seasoning products. Further explanations about herbs, vegetables and fruit we will give at the farm.


Just comfortable clothes and shoes.


It is best to bring mosquito repellent with you. We will have a farm hat and apron to use during the class. Do not forget to take your camera with you.


We have an enthusiastic team of Thai cooking instructors. They all speak English fluently and are passionate about Thai cooking and eager to pass their knowledge on.  If you have any further questions during the course, do not hesitate to ask your cooking instructor. After the class you can send us an email with any additional questions that you might come up with while cooking at home.


We do not sell any ingredients. We use the fresh produce only during our classes.


Each person will be at their own cooking station. Also to make the curry paste, you do not need to share the mortar and pestle. You get your own mortar and this way you can choose yourself how spicy you would like to make your curry.


Our join-in cooking classes are suitable for adults and children of 12 years and older with some previous cooking experience. If your child is younger than 12, please contact us again to get more information about our different options for example to come along as an assistant or visitor. 

He can come along as a visitor. The visitor charge for adults is 600 THB/person.This includes transportation, extra ingredients for you to cook a larger portion and have lunch together. He may join the market and farm tour. Visitors come along to observe only but not to help or assist in the kitchen. There is a maximum number of visitors allowed per class so it is best to contact us again to see what is possible.


Not a problem at all. Since you will cook your own meal, you can choose yourself how many chilies you would like to add. 


All the dishes on the menu can be prepared vegetarian or vegan. We have vegetarians/vegans coming everyday who are very happy about the food they learn to cook. We use tofu and replace oyster sauce by mushroom sauce and fish sauce by soy sauce.


No problem. Please let us know while making a booking to get more information and tell your cooking instructor again in the morning.


Do not worry. We welcome cooks of all levels. You will be amazed what you are capable of after a day with us. We explain everything step by step, it is easy to follow and making Thai food is easier than you think.


We have had many professional chefs attending our classes before and even they are happy to learn something more. If you are convinced it will be too basic for you, you can book for a more advanced private course, but the price will be higher than of a group class. Just send us an email to check.


If you are planning to take luggage with you, you should let us know in advance. Our minivans have limited space to store luggage. If there is not enough space, you will have to keep your luggage on your lap which will be uncomfortable for you and also for our other guests in the van. If your next hotel is in a completely different direction than where we have picked you up in the morning, we will not be able to drop you off there. We would recommend to store your luggage at the hotel for the day, we will drop you off there after the class and you can just take a taxi from there to your next hotel.


No! We have tables and chairs to sit on. Although it might be Thai tradition to eat and prepare food sitting on the floor, we know some people are not used to this. 


Well, just take a look around and decide what would be the best choice for you. We offer cooking courses since more than twenty years already and still love what we are doing everyday:) We give you something extra by having our own true organic farm. People love to see the ingredients at the farm and see how they actually grow. On top of that, it is great to be out of the city for a day.

  • Thai Farm Cooking School was created by a family who combined their passions for organic farming and Thai cooking into a unique experience and became the original and first Thai cooking school at a true organic farm since 2001
  • Whether you choose to take a full day or half day class, dessert is always on the menu for you to learn!


First of all we like to see your photos! You can post them on our Facebook-page. You can also send a review to and write about your experiences at our school. And finally let everyone know about your day at our school: your friends, your family, your fellow travelers or any new friends you might meet on the way.


Ok, that is an easy one! “ Which one is more spicy: red, green or yellow curry? “ And the correct answer is : depends on how many chilies you will put in your paste. Every curry you can make as spicy or mild as YOU want!